Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for the documentation project.

Release Data

Project Documentation
Release name Frankfurt
Release version Frankfurt 6.0.0
Release date June 4th 2020

New features

  • Improved end to end user guides.
  • A refined release note template to be used by all projects in ONAP. To ensure a common way of how to provide the release notes from a content such a look and feel perspective.
  • In addition the documentation project is continuously working with improving processes and tools for documentation. Enabling the community to as easy as possible document all the aspects of the ONAP platform. During the Frankfurt release cycle we have started the work to clean up available content, both on the wiki and readthedocs ( as well as moving the documentation away from submodules according to the LFN documentation strategy.

All JIRA tickets for the Frankfurt release can be found ONAP Documentation Jira