El Alto Release Notes

This page provides the release notes for the ONAP El Alto release. This includes details of software versions used, known limitations, and outstanding trouble reports.

Release notes are cumulative for the release, meaning this release note for the El Alto release will have an entry for each Major, Minor, and Maintenance release, if applicable.

Each component within the ONAP solution maintains their own component level release notes and links to those release notes are provided below. Details on the specific items delivered in each releaese by each component is maintained in the component specific release notes.

El Alto Major Release 5.0.1

  • Release Name: El Alto
  • Release Version: 5.0.1
  • Release Date: October 24 2019

Project Specific Release Notes

ONAP releases are specified by a list of project artifact versions in the project repositories and docker container image versions listed in the OOM Helm charts. Each project provides detailed release notes and prepends to these if/when any updated versions the project team believes are compatible with a major release are made available.


ONAP El Alto Release provides a set selection of documents, see ONAP Home.

The developer wiki remains a good source of information on meeting plans and notes from committees, project teams and community events.

Security Notes

Details about discovered and mitigated vulnerabilities are in ONAP Security

ONAP has adopted the CII Best Practice Badge Program.

Project specific details are in the release notes for each project.

ONAP Maturity Testing Notes

For El Alto release, ONAP continues to improve in multiple areas of Scalability, Security, Stability and Performance (S3P) metrics.

The Integration team ran the 72 hours stability testing (100% passing rate) and full resilience testing (99.4% passing rate) at ONAP OpenLabs. More details in ONAP Maturity Testing Notes

Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues and limitations are documented in each project Release Notes.

How to Report a Bug

There are 2 ways to report a bug in ONAP.

  • In case you are familiar within ONAP, you can directly report a bug by creating a Jira issue at ONAP Jira.
  • If you don’t know you are facing a bug or have a question, post your question into the Ask question. You will need a Linux Foundation ID to login and post your question. Get a Linux Foundation Identity using this quick procedure.

To properly report a bug in Jira, you may want to consider these recommendations to elaborate the issue you are facing.