Verified Use Cases and Functional Requirements


This session includes use cases and functional requirements which have been officially verified in Frankfurt release by the ONAP community.

For each use case or functional requirement, you can find contact names and a link to the associated documentation.

This documentation deals with

  1. What has been implemented
  2. Step by step instructions to deploy and execute the tests, including the links to download the related assets and resources
  3. Known issues and workarounds

The final testing status can be found at Frankfurt Release Integration Testing Status

31 use cases/functional requirements have been considered for the Frankfurt release.

Use cases

use case table
Use Case Link Contacts
vFirewall with closed loop official doc M.Platania B.Freeman
vFirewall/vDNS with HPA official doc E.Multanen
vFirewall In-Place Software Upgrade with Traffic Distribution official doc L.Rajewski
vFirewall CNF With CDS official doc K.Bańka L.Rajewski
Scale Out official doc M.Platania S.Blandford
CCVPN-E LINE over OTN NNI official doc G.Agrawal
CCVPN - MDONS official doc X.Miao
BBS (Broadband Service) official doc D.Perez Caparros D.Balsiger
vFirewall CNF with multicloud k8s plugin official doc E.Multanen R.Sood
EdgeXFoundry CNF with multicloud k8s plugin official doc E.Multanen
vCPE with Tosca official doc H.Haibin L.Zhao
E2E Automation vLB with CDS wiki page A.Seaudi Y.Malakov

Functional Requirements

functional requirements table
Functional requirement Link Contacts
PNF Software Upgrade using direct Netconf Yang interface with PNF official doc R.Gumma R.Tyagi
PNF Software Upgrade with EM with Ansible official doc Y.Wang E.Wang
PNF Software Upgrade with EM with Netconf official doc Y.Wang E.Wang
VSP Compliance and Validation Check within SDC wiki page P.Balan
Enable PNF software version at onboarding wiki page A.Schmid
xNF communication security enhancements wiki page M.Przybysz
ETSI Alignment SO plugin to support SOL003 to connect to an external VNFM   F.Oliveira Byung-Woo Jun
Integration of CDS as an Actor wiki page B.Sakoto R.K.Verma Y.Malakov
3rd Party Operational Domain Manager wiki page D.Patel
Configuration & persistency wiki page Reshmasree c Swaminathan S
5G functional requirements table
5G functional requirement Link Contacts
5G Realtime PM and High Volume Stream Data Collection official doc M.Przybysz
5G PNF Plug and Play official doc M.Przybysz K.Kuzmicki
5G Bulk PM official doc J.Cuddy
5G OOF and PCI official doc Reshmasree c
5G NRM Network Resource Model (Configuration management) official doc Y.Wang C.Huang
5G NETCONF configuration official doc A.D.Singh
5G PNF Pre-Onboarding & Onboarding official doc M.Przybysz K.Kuzmicki D.Melia A.Walshe
5G OOF SON official doc Reshmasree c
5G E2E Network Slicing official doc C.Chen Z.Min Swaminathan S
5G ORAN A1 Adapter (SDNR) official doc SandeepShah

Automated Use Cases

Most of the use cases include some automation through robot or bash scripts. These scripts are detailed in the documentation.

Some use cases have been integrated in ONAP gates. It means the tests are run on each daily or gating CI chain. The goal is to detect any regression as soon as possible and demonstrate the ability to automate the use cases.

The frankfurt use cases integrated in gates are:

  • pnf-regitrate
  • 5gbulkpm
  • hv-ves

Deprecated Use Cases

The following use cases were included in El Alto or previous release but have not been tested in Frankfurt, usually due to a lack of resources. The resources are still available in previous branches, some adaptations may however be needed for Frankfurt.

deprecated use case table
Use Case Link Last Valid Version Comments
vCPE Use Case link El Alto No resources to test on Frankfurt
vIPsec with HPA Use Case link El Alto No resources to test on Frankfurt
Change Management Schedule Optimization link El Alto No resources to test on Frankfurt
Change Management Flexible Designer and Orchestrator link El Alto No resources to test on Frankfurt