Feature: EELF (Event and Error Logging Framework)


The EELF feature provides backwards compatibility with R0 logging functionality. It supports the use of EELF/Common Framework style logging at the same time as traditional logging.

See also

Additional information for EELF logging can be found at EELF wiki.


To utilize the eelf logging capabilities, first stop policy engine and then enable the feature using the “features” command.

Enabling EELF Feature
 policy@hyperion-4:/opt/app/policy$ policy stop
  L []: Stopping Policy Management... Policy Management (pid=354) is stopping... Policy Management has stopped.
 policy@hyperion-4:/opt/app/policy$ features enable eelf
 name                      version         status
 ----                      -------         ------
 controlloop-utils         1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled
 healthcheck               1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled
 test-transaction          1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled
 eelf                      1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  enabled
 state-management          1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled
 active-standby-management 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled
 session-persistence       1.1.0-SNAPSHOT  disabled

The output of the enable command will indicate whether or not the feature was enabled successfully.

Policy engine can then be started as usual.

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