Running PDP-D in Eclipse

This tutorial is intended for developers who would like to run the PDP-D in an Eclipse environment. It is assumed that the drools-pdp git project has been imported in an Eclipse workspace.

Starting the PDP-D

For the Amsterdam release, the project directory will look as follows assuming all drools-pdp projects were selected when importing.


Right click on policy-management hover over “Run As” and select “Java Application”


Search for “Main” in the pop up and select the Main with the package “org.onap.policy.drools.system” and click “OK”.


The PDP-D will start running; the console will display output.


Interacting with the PDP-D

To interact with the PDP-D, the Telemetry API can be used. A simple GET on the engine will show that the PDP-D is running in Eclipse.

curl -k --silent --user @1b3rt:31nst31n -X GET https://localhost:9696/policy/pdp/engine/ | python -m json.tool

An HTTP 200 message for the GET request will also appear in the console in Eclipse.


See also

To create a controller and run a control loop, refer to Modifying the Release Template.

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