VF-C ArchitectureΒΆ

VF-C High Level Architecture.


As you can see in this picture, VF-C has many dependencies with other projects, such as SO, Policy, A&AI, SDC, DCAE, Multi-cloud and so on.

  • NFVO provides north bound interface to SO to take part in fulfilling the orchestration and operation of end2end service.And provides standard south bound interface to VNFMs.
  • GVNFM provides LCM for VNFs which do not require a vendor VNFM and works with NFV-O component to take part in fulfilling the LCM of NS.
  • VF-C provides VNFM driver interfaces, vendor can implement these integrates to integrate with VF-C. Now, VF-C has integrated with three vendor VNFM, including ZTE, Huawe, Nokia.
  • In addition, VF-C also provides interface to Policy and works with DCAE for Close Loop Automation.